A13 Improvements

Clients: Entreprise and RMG (A13 )Construction JV (this was an Amec / McAlpine joint venture)

Duration: Jan 2001 to June 2003

Location:A13 from Canning

Scope of works:

Michael Roarty was the principle sub-contractor on the construction of a total of 32 no. sewer diversions and modifications to facilitate widening and junction improvements of the existing A13 between River Road Barking and Canning Town Roundabout.

This work has been carried out on and around one of the busiest arterial roads serving East London, working alongside a number of other contractors carrying out similar diversions to other utilities.

Major elements of work included:

2100mm diameter surface water sewer diversion.
130m of 2100mm diameter surface water sewer diversion constructed by pipejack. 3 No. 14m deep 4.00m diameter bolted segmental caisson shafts.

This work was carried out in difficult ground conditions at 11m depth at the interphase between sandy gravels overlying clay. Extensive dewatering required to successfully complete this scheme.

Twin 1500mm diameter gas service ducts
2 No 75m lengths of 1500mm concrete pipes installed by pipejack. Drives launched from a 7.5 wide x 13.Sm long x 10m deep Larsen sheet and frame shaft.

This drive was carried out across the busy A13 Newham Way / Prince Regent Lane junction to allow installation of 2 no. 1200mm diameter high pressure gas mains. Line and level tolerance on these drives was critical for the subsequent installation of the twin gas mains and was maintained to within +/— 30mm.

1650mm foul sewer diversion
The installation by open cut of 500m of 1650mm foul sewer at an average depth of 4.0m within existing carriageway and parkland.

Construction of 7 No manholes ranging from 2.4 to 4.0m diameter.

1200mm Pipejack Crossing

Construction of 3 No 1200mm diameter sewers crossing the A13 adjacent to the Prince Regent Lane diversion. These crossings (ave length 35m) were each constructed by pipejack from sheet and frame shafts at approximately 4.0m depth.

Extensive traffic management was required to ensure safe working around the shafts and each of the drives required establishment of dewatering systems.

Noel Road Culvert

The relining and strengthening of a 60m length of existing 1600mm wide x 1200mm trapezoidal culvert passing beneath the A13 in Newham. The existing culvert is constructed with approximately 500mm of cover beneath the carriageway and required upgrading to meet the new requirements of Transport for London.

Work included cleaning out of existing culvert, scabbling of soffit and installation and grouting of precast GRP structural liner units.

Northern Outfall Sewer Cloughs

Construction of new cloughs in each of the barrels of the Northern Outfall Sewer (NOS). The NOS consists of 5 No. 2.7m diameter brick built sewers serving Beckton STW. Installation of the cloughs required management of major flow diversions within the system to successfully complete the works.

Barking Reach Rising Main

The installation in 2.5m deep open cut of 600m of 630mm OD MDPE butt fusion welded rising main and construction of associated wash out and air release chambers.

This scheme also involved the management of installation of 60m of 600mm ID microtunnel to connect into an existing brick built Trunk Sewer within the A13 Alfreds Way.

Despite very demanding programming schedules and the complexities of working in such congested locations, work on these contracts was successfully completed to the satisfaction of both the client and TWUL, to programme and to budget.

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